Property Style


There are a wide array of choices regarding apartment rental properties to fit every budget and preferences throughout HCMC and everyday there are more apartment buildings being newly built all over the city, so it is very possible to find the apartment which satisfies one’s desire. These rental properties are usually owned by individual landlords and to live in those places comfortably requires precise negotiation directly with the landlords for ones’ needs. For example, if ones want management fee, Red Invoice, Internet fee, cable TV fee, water fee, electricity fee or gas fee to be included to make living easier, it is better to be negotiated before the contracts are signed. The prices which listed on our website are usually net prices. (Not including management fee, Red Invoice or everything stated above.)。

Serviced Apartment

To avoid all the hassles of paying bills and cleaning needs, a serviced apartment is the way to go! Most serviced apartments prices are inclusive of electricity fee, management fee, water, Internet, cable TV, or gas fee. Choices are limited but there are many styles of serviced apartments coming up and even high-end serviced apartments are getting introduced, so they might be the one for you! (Depending on selected properties there may be some differences with services, so please ask us anything if there are any questions.)



Villas are one of the most interesting ways to live in Vietnam. Some of them are quite old and have their own character. Tenants usually negotiate with owners to make some changes to make the property better. Of course some of them are really old and requires a lot of work to make it livable, however if tenants are willing to put sweat, it might become the part of entertaining. Villas usually have big garden and some have swimming pool so maintenance fees are on top of the rent and also for this type of property, we recommend hiring security guard



In general houses are much smaller than villas and have smaller gardens. Houses in Vietnam are often very skinny, long and tall. Many of them have many rooms and can be used in very unique ways.



These properties are rented for business purposes; Restaurant, Shops, Studios, etc… Please feel free to ask us what your needs are and we will find the most suitable property for you.

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