In case the rent is paid by your company, it is required that the tax invoice to be issued by the landlord as the evidence of allowable expenses for deducting from input tax. The tax (VAT) will be calculated by 10% on monthly rent.
The owner will keep an amount of deposit equivalent to 1 month – 3 months of rent for the purpose of ensuring both parties comply with the contract terms. Other main purpose is to guarantee that the tenant takes responsibility to secure properties from damages during the period of contract. Upon termination of leasing contract, the landlord will refund the deposit to you after deducting fees for damages caused to the property.
If you are siging a contract for 1 year more, we offer totally free brokerage service for residential lease. If you are looking for less than 1 year residential lease, or if you are looking for commercial properties such as offices, business stores, restaurants,ect., please contact us for details regarding service charge.
According to typical leasing contract, if the Tenant terminates leasing contract before the expiry date, the Owner will not refund the deposit to the Tenant as a penalty to the Tenant.
Our staff with strong English skills and rich knowledge in real estate are always ready to support you during the process of viewing tour, making contract and after move-in support.
If the red invoice is neccessary, payment in Vietnam dong is required. However, in other cases, you can make payment of the rent in USD.
Most of the owners prefer at least one-year contract. However, there are also apartments and serviced apartments accepting short-term contracts. However, rent of short term contract is usually higher than one-year contract. Besides, in case of short term contracts, we also charge a service fee. Please contact us for more information.
Our office is not working on Sunday and holidays. However, it could be possible if you make an appointment with us in advance. We work on Saturday, so do not hesitate to contact us for apartment viewing tour.
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