Residential Areas Information

Ho Chi Minh City has become a popular place for families to live.
If you need to find a place with convenient access to your children' schools or your working place, please do not hesitate to give us your requests so that we can find suitable properties for you.
For those who are new to Vietnam, we recommend properties in District 1 and Binh Thanh District. For those who have become more familiar with the life in Vietnam, living in District 2 can be an enjoyable experience. There are also expats whose children are studying in the Saigon South International School, or the Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese School choose to live in district 7, although in the recent years traffic congestion in this area is becoming a problem.

For those working in the central of District 1, we recommend properties in District 1, nearby Binh Thanh District and District 3. There is a wide variety of serviced apartments with prices ranging from USD400 to USD5000. With a huge source of leasing properties, we are confident that we can meet your tastes and budget. The metro construction in Ho Chi Minh City is not finished yet, so you can commute to work by taxi, motorbike or on foot. Therefore, you should take the distance from work into consideration when looking for accommodation.

Speaking of areas with convenient access to the city center, District 1, District 3 and Binh Thanh District are in the list. In District 3, the traffic congestion has been getting worse in recent years, so it will take time to commute from District 3 to District 1. However, with high concentration of restaurants, shopping malls and entertaining places, this area is very attractive for those who enjoy to going out.

District 2 is a convenient and quiet area. Specially in Thao Dien area, there is a high population of European and American expats. Due to a large number of foreign residents, there are many restaurants, cafes and stores, which helps to create a convenient living area. This area is surrounded by river and there are not many tall buildings constructed, so the air is very fresh. We also recommend this area for those who have children studying at schools in district 1 or district 2.

We recommend this area for those who want to experience a true Vietnamese lifestyle. In this area, there are many good quality properties at relatively low rent. Moreover, Binh Thanh District is located next to district 1, so if you have motorbike or bike, it is very convenient to commute from this area to the city center, rather than from District 3 or District 1. In District 3, the traffic jam is getting worse in some places, though this area is still considered the center, similar to District 1, by the local. Phu Nhuan District is located between the airport and the city center, so it is very suitable for those who frequently travel. Once in Vietnam, this is an area where you should try out.

We recommend this area for those who frequently travel by air or for those who work near the airport. However, in recent years, the traffic congestion in this area is getting worse. For the foreigners, the area near the airport is not as convenient as the central area. Therefore, we suggest that you take travel distance to your workplace in consideration before deciding to live in this area.

We recommend this area for those who is living in Vietnam for the first time. In the areas of District 1, District 3 and Binh Thanh District, there are many foreign residents as well as foreigner-targeted serviced apartments. Therefore, we recommend that you live in this area for the first year until getting used to the life in Vietnam. After that, you can try to live in the suburb areas. However, there are also people who live in this area for a long time.

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